What starts at 7:30? SCHOOL DOES! That really shouldn’t be a hard concept to get for […]
As we walk into the 2011-2012 school year a lot of changes are taking over Woods-Tower. […]
Friday’s Varsity game is at home this week and the school’s excitement is tangible. The Titan […]
One huge change the school underwent last year was the parking lot. It was a huge […]
For the past few years, students in the Warren Woods district have had roughly one delayed […]
Voting is now closed. The winning design will be unveiled at Homecoming on October 1st, 2011.  
Every year, students and parents alike in the Warren Woods District, see the homecoming parade going […]
Warren Woods Tower High School is a place where almost any student can find something to […]
The 2011-2012 girls swim team is going to have to change. Not just because last year’s […]
Things are always changing here at Warren Woods Tower and one thing never fails; a class […]
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