Meet this year’s class officers


The senior class’s class officers pose for a picture at their meeting discussing plans for the upcoming homecoming float

Samantha Kidd, Co-Editor-in-Chief

Every year, students and parents alike in the Warren Woods District, see the homecoming parade going down Martin Rd. Imagine the 5 different floats being pulled along by trucks that have different themes based on one general theme. Last year, the Energy Drink theme displayed floats with Venom, Red Bull, Amp, Rip It, and Vault. Who picked each classes theme? Who designed the floats? The class officers.

Four out of five of the floats represent the different grades at WWT (the 5th represents the WWT Band). Class Officers are the leaders of each grade, elected by students in that grade. After Student Council picks the overall theme, Class Officers decide on their personal theme, and design the floats and pep rally shirts. These students are in charge of these decisions and hope to represent and please all of their peers in their grade.

For the seniors, the class officers are: Morgan Zalewski (President), Maria Rossi (Vice President), Treavor Gulock (Secretary), George Higgins (Treasurer), and Westin Pulizzi (Historian). When you are a senior, you have to start getting ready for your future, whether it be college, the workforce, etc, and also focus on your last few classes. Senior class officers are responsible for raising funds to make your last year of high school the best. Their advisors are Mr. Dougherty and Mrs. Cronk. [slideshow id=5]

For the juniors, the class officers are: Brendan Fitzpatrick (President), Erica Saier (Vice President), Danielle Homic (Secretary), Rachael Kopenick (Treasurer), and Michael Sorrentino (Historian). Juniors will also be responsible for planning this year’s Junior/Senior Prom. The advisors are Mrs. Marx and Mrs. Adams.

For the sophomores, the class officers are: Antonio Rossi (President), Jeff King (Vice President), Jenny Tran (Secretary), Sydney Homic (Treasurer), and Jenna DiMambro (Historian).

For the freshmen, the class officers are: Shelby Klakulak (Secretary), Emily Schulte (Historian), Annie Vander Veen (President), Ethan Eisemann (Treasurer), and Joe Hilliard (Vice President). Starting off as freshmen, these officers have the tough job of readjusting to high school life while planning homecoming for their class.

Good luck to all of this year’s officers, and have a great year!