Mr. Corpuz is WWT’s band and choir director, and has been with the Tower community for 10 years.

His favorite thing about teaching at Tower is the close-knit, family feeling the school has. He says “the school is big enough to provide excellent opportunities for the students, but it is small enough to know each other and feel a part of the community”.

When asked what his favorite grade to teach is, Mr. Corpuz responded with “I wouldn’t say they’re my favorite, but Seniors are fun to work with because after four years with me, they understand how I operate and they help make things run smoothly during class.”

He doesn’t have favorite class to teach, saying it’s like asking him to chose between his children. He loves each class equally and for different reasons.

He decided to become a teacher after he discovered his love of music and interacting with people. He adds that “teaching students about music and helping them discover their own musical experiences in the process is one of the most rewarding experiences I’ve ever had.”

Three Fun Facts About Him:
1) He married his high school sweetheart
2) He has performed in 3 Big Ten Stadiums, 4 NFL Stadiums, 1 MLB Stadium, and has performed for the President George W. Bush.
3) His favorite hobbies are video and board games, and his favorite book is Lord of the Rings.

Mr. Corpuz’s favorite memory from high school was a choral performance at the American Pavilion in Epcot Center. He says, “it was a remarkable performance with every student crying backstage afterwards, but it was also the impetus that convinced me music should be a part of my career.”

One piece of advice he’d give to students?
“Find your passion in life, whatever it may be, Your passion could be a subject, a sport, a hobby, or providing for your family. Once you find it, don’t let go. Keep that excitement and drive with you everyday and you will never wake up disappointed.”



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