Mr. Halicki is one of Tower’s science teachers and has been part of the WWT community for 11 years.

His favorite thing about teaching at Tower is the great students and staff.

His favorite grade to teach is a combination of the juniors and seniors because of the conversations that come up during class time.

His favorite class to teach is physics because there’s so much that can be learned “hands on” in the lab. He also adds, “Physics always works!”

He decided to become a teacher because he wanted a career where he worked with people.

Three Fun Facts About Him:
1) He loves being outside (hiking, fishing, etc.)
2) He enjoys being with his wife and 4 kids
3) He doesn’t eat much candy, even if it’s around. Unless it comes to dots.

His favorite memory from high school was hanging out and having less responsibilities, though he notes it “wasn’t fully realized then”.

One piece of advice he’d give to students?
“Enjoy the people around you- there’s always good to find if you’re looking for it.”



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