Mrs. Swiatkowski is one of WWT’s English teachers, and has been at Tower for 22 years.

Her favorite thing about teaching at Tower is all of the amazing students.

Her favorite grade to teach is freshmen. She says, “my goal for them is to be successful from the beginning of their high school journey.”

Her favorite class to teach is Adv. English III because she loves the curriculum and it includes her favorite author, Shakespeare.

She decided to become a teacher because she had the best English teacher in high school, and she credits him as being her inspiration.

Three Fun Facts About Her:
1. She loves her dog, Chewy
2. She wants to live on a beach in Florida
3. Her favorite sports to watch are Baseball and Softball

Her favorite memories from high school can be accredited to the fact that she was her class president and was an active memory of Student Council. She says she has “fond memories from planning Homecoming and Prom.”

One piece of advice she’d give to students?
“Get involved with an extracurricular activity. It’s these activities that make high school so much fun!”



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