Ms. Cole is one of WWT’s newer teachers, being part of the Tower community for 4 years now.

Her favorite thing about teaching at Tower is the students. She says they “make me laugh everyday and remind me not to take things too seriously”. She calls her students thoughtful, and loves the little notes and gifts they bring her, saying they “brighten [her] day!”

Her favorite grade to teach would be sophomores. She says that while Spanish 2 is a bit more challenging, it’s a fun class. Because sophomores have more of an idea on how high school works and what they should be doing, the class is able to focus more on content by exploring the language and content together.

Ms. Cole decided to become a teacher because she fell in love with traveling in high school and wanted to give that experience to students.

Three Fun Facts About Her:
1. She loves turtles
2. She has two dogs, Daisy and Willow
3. She’s been to Morocco

Ms. Cole’s favorite memory from high school was traveling to Mexico to build houses and work in impoverished communities. She notes that she “loved meeting new people and trying out [her] Spanish.”

One piece of advice she’d give to students?
“Simple- just do your homework”.



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