Friday’s football face off: WWT versus Marysville


Chanel Metzler, Staff Reporter

Friday’s Varsity game is at home this week and the school’s excitement is tangible. The Titan Varsity football team readies themselves for their game against Marysville.

“We plan on playing hard and hopefully we will come away with a win!” said Captain Brad Pugh ’12. Brad plays tackle and is number 77. He has been playing football since his freshmen year.

There are four Varsity captains this year and one of them is Senior John Drabik ’12, number 52, who plays center (but is playing guard for this game). His confidence in his team’s efforts supersedes his trepidation about the game. “If we continue to improve and stay focused we will be successful.” He declared. One thing was clear about his voice: The Titans are ready and raring to have their shot at Marysville and win!

As of right now the Titans have lost their first two games against Fraser and Clintondale despite strong efforts. I think that they have improved their skills, learning from their mistakes, and are ready to show them off in front of all of Titan Nation.

Marysville’s football team is 1-1 for their season and they are looking strong, but I think the Titans will be able to work hard and win.

The new quarterback, Danny Newton ’13 has been playing impressively and I put my trust in him. I think he is going to do something great to help out his team. I hope to see you at the game at 7:00, cheering this promising team to victory.