Ms. Szubelak has been teaching at Tower for 17 years in the Science department.

Her favorite thing about teaching at Tower is connecting with the students everyday and she loves the staff she works with.

Ms. Szubelak’s favorite grade to teach is 10th grade because she enjoys watching them mature throughout the school year. Her favorite class to teach is Genetics because it applies to the real world.

She decided to become a teacher because since she was in 5th grade it’s been calling her name.

Three fun facts about her:
1) She enjoys watching crime shows
2) She loves her 15 year old dog Elle.
3) She attended Westwood, Warren Woods Middle School, and Warren Woods Tower.

Her favorite high school experience was spending time with her friends in band.

One piece of advice she’d give to students:
“Work hard towards your goals and you will be rewarded.”



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