Mr. Tisler works in the Science department and has been at Tower for about three years.

His favorite thing about teaching at Tower is being in a positive environment.

Mr. Tisler’s favorite grade to teach is 10th grade because doesn’t get to work with juniors or seniors. His favorite class to teach is Biology because he has less work to grade. Also, he enjoys the pictures and videos of animals.

He decided to become a teacher because of the impact he could leave on children’s lives.

Three Fun Facts About Him:
1) He’s super athletic.
2) He loves big dogs.
3) He plays several musical instruments.

His favorite memory from high school was making Spanish music videos to NSYNC songs.

Piece of advice he’d give to students:
“Try to always see the positive side of any situation. Things could always be worse so be grateful for what you have and cherish it before it’s gone.”



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