Mr. Denryter is one of Tower’s newest teachers, being hired at the beginning of the 2021-2022 school year to teach some of our gym classes.

His favorite thing about teaching at WWT is “the inclusiveness of the school and student body.” He loves seeing the willingness to help out, and is also impressed by Tower includes our differently abled students and helps them navigate the school.

His favorite class to teach is team sports because it “builds important principals of collaboration” which is needed for students to be successful in many things throughout their lives.

Mr. Denryter became a teacher because “life is all about building meaningful relationship and foundations for success.” High school plays a big role in this and he believes teachers should make the community a better place. He says that “fewer people make a greater impact [on students] than teachers and coaches.”

Three Fun Facts About Him:
1) He’s currently on a mission to visit all 50 US state capitols and has visited 22 so far
2) He ran down a purse snatcher in the streets of Washington D.C.
3) During college, he traveled to Ireland with his football team for a 10 day tour and played against the Irish All-Star team.

His favorite high school memory was when his Chippewa Valley football team won the Football State Championship in 2001. Some of his best friends to this day played on that team with him.

One piece of advice he’d give?
“Positive people make for a positive world because you get back what you put into the universe. Try things, travel, live a life that is full of experience and meaning. My personal motto- Life is for Living.”



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