Mrs. Thielk is one of WWT’s new English teachers, and has been teaching at Tower for 2 years already.

Her favorite thing about teaching at Tower is the community itself. She says “The students, staff, and administration are phenomenal and contribute to an amazing culture unlike anything I have experienced!”

While she primarily teaches 10th graders, she enjoys teaching all of her students and her favorite class to teach is creative writing. She says this is because “the students are able to tap into their imaginative abilities.”

She decided to become a teacher when she was working in marketing and started to notice the poor grammar and writing skills of the professional adults she worked with.” This inspired her to go and get her teaching certification.

Three Fun Facts About Her:
1) She owned and operated a restaurant for 10 years
2) She’s taking lesson to learn how to play the electric guitar
3) She loves to travel and has been to 6 different European countries; she plans on visiting many more in the future

Her favorite memory in high school was her time performing on stage in her school’s theatre program.

One piece of advice she’d give to students?
“Take advantage of every opportunity you have to travel and see the world. Experience is life’s greatest teacher!”



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