Mr. Dougherty is one of WWT’s more well-known teachers, and has been teaching in the history department for 21 years.

His favorite thing about teaching at WWT is the Tower community and “the ability to see students become better people through their hard work and perseverance.”

Mr. Dougherty doesn’t have a favorite grade to teach because they are all different. He does note, however, that the older students have more serious conversations, and the young students bring more enthusiasm into the classroom. He actually says that, “In another life, he’d teach elementary.”

His favorite classes to teach are APUSH and Behavioral Science. He says they “fulfill different aspects of just teaching perspective.” He tends to be more invested in those classes and likes to teach his students new subjects and conversational ideas.

Mr. Dougherty decided to become a teacher because when he was younger and in his last year of rowing, he had to recruit freshmen and ended up becoming a coach. He realized how much he enjoyed it and combined that with his love for history.

Three Fun Facts About Him:
1) He has traveled a lot
2) He’s fun to be around
3) He hates owls

His favorite memory from high school was graduating from it. He considered himself to be pretty cynical about high school until he got involved with things and realized how cool they were. For example, he believed he was “too punk rock” for the all night party, but ended up having a lot of fun once he went.

One piece of advice he’d give to students?
“Embrace failure.”


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