Mr. Beal is a teacher in the math department. He has been teaching at Tower for about 15 years.

His favorite thing about teaching at Tower is working with students who care and are genuine. Also, some of his students make him cake pops:)

His favorite grade to teach is 10th grade because of the increase in maturity levels and their eagerness to learn. He also enjoys being taller than majority of the sophomores. He enjoys teaching algebra two because it makes him feel like a swashbuckler.

Mr. Beal decided to become a teacher because of the dental plan and he likes working with short people.

Three Fun Facts About Him:

1) He is relatively handy and does 90 percent of his home improvements himself.
2) He plays disc gold.
3) He loved vacationing to Italy and swinging in the grotto’s.

Mr. Beal’s favorite memory from high school was having fun with his friends and participating in clubs and sports. Two of his other favorite memories from high school was graduation and the all night party.

One piece of advice he would give to students?
“Be humble and never doubt yourself.”



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