Mrs. Chesher is one of Tower’s science teachers, teaching both Chem/Physics Essentials and Forensics. She’s been part of the WWT community for 7 years.

Her favorite thing about teaching at Tower is the students. She says, “You might drive me crazy sometimes, but you are the reason I come to work every day.”

Her favorite students to teach are the Juniors/Seniors she has had previously in her Chem/Physics Essentials class their Freshman year. She loves seeing how much students mature and change in those years. Her favorite class to teach is Forensics because the students get to see how science concepts are used in real life.

Mrs. Chesher decided to become a teacher because she has always loved teaching people and helping them understand new things.

Three Fun Facts About Her:

1) She has 3 daughters
2) She loves gardening
3) She went to med school before deciding to become a teacher

Mrs. Chesher has two favorite memories from high school. The first, participating in color guard and band because of all the fun times. The second, attending Butcher because she met so many new people.

One piece of advice she would give to students?

“No matter what anyone says, pick a career that you will enjoy doing every day!”



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