Autumn Okuszka, Editor-In-Chief

If you’ve walked in or out of the school in the recent months it’s easy to tell there has been a beautiful change. Lawn chairs have made a sudden appearance, new this year, but not many know the story of how they got there.

The class of ‘08 is soon-to-be coming up on their ten-year anniversary, and to celebrate the great times they had at WWT, they decided to contribute to the school in a big way. They wanted to build a sitting area for everyone to enjoy for generations of students to come.

With the help of Mr. Vukich and Mrs. Walczy, the class advisors for ‘08, they were able to make this wonderful idea a reality. Along with the lawn chairs that have been a piece in the WWT community since the beginning of the school year, upon recently they’ve decorated the area around them.

Thanks to Jim Sape, an ‘08 alumni and owner of the landscaping company Unique Clips, tiny rocks were donated to help tie the area altogether. “Volunteers ranged from 8 WIA (Workforce Investment Act) students along with Mr. Tokarz, 3 class of ‘08 officers, Mrs. Walczy and her husband, as well as myself,” says Mr. Vukich.

Something that is also new to the community that was recently installed, is called by the name of ‘peace poles.’ These are poles that read “May Peace Prevail On Earth” in not only English, but 16 other languages. “These languages used on the poles are the languages that are most commonly used in the WWT community,” Mr. Vukich says.

Next time you spot this comfortable, beautiful spot on your way to or from school and you have a few minutes to spare, make sure to take a seat, bask in the view around you, and enjoy the ‘peaceful’ scenery that has been so graciously created for you.