Autumn Okuszka, Editor-in-chief

Staff and students, if you are looking to fulfill volunteer hours, or just lend a hand to the WWT community, you should come to WWT this Saturday morning from 9-12. Mr. Vukich and other members of the staff will be working on creating the outdoor seating area and planting peace poles.

Wheelbarrows and shovels (as well as snacks) will be made available, so if you are willing it would be much appreciated if you came to help. “I am really excited about this project,” says Mr. Vukich. “If you have any other ideas to help make this a unique space please pass them along to me.”

This project is being funded by the Class of 2008. Instead of having an anniversary, the class officers wanted to find a way of giving back to WWT. Jim Sape ’08, owns a landscaping company called Unique Clips, and will be donating all landscaping supplies needed for this project.

Mr. Vukich as well as all who are already helping out would be gracious to see you this Saturday! If you have any further questions be sure to direct them to Mr. Vukich in room 214.