Marissa Rankin, Editor

As we advance into our first semester of the year many may come to face stress or anxiety while balancing the amount of work between classes. Note, Warren Woods Tower provides a system that can subside these feelings with our newest bunny, “Tootsie.” Within the OT (Occupational Therapy) Workshop is the welcoming home of our furry friend.

All students are welcomed to hop in between classes and those feeling down are encouraged to stop by or schedule a personal visit with Tootsie in room 416, just near Mrs. Adams room down the foods hallway. The bunny reflects a calming energy upon various students. “We have a very large and diverse group of students visiting Tootsie on a regular basis,” Towers Occupational Therapist, Mrs. Morgan stated.

Tootsie enjoys when students come into her enclosure to interact with her, she has a variety of objects students can position around the enclosure including stuffed animals, plastic bottles, etc. She also has a display of homemade treats at hand along with her favorite snacks, carrots and lettuce so students can feed her!

Animal assisted therapy has been a proficient way of treatment. Initially, Animal Assisted Therapy strives to enhance patients emotionally, and mentally.  Tootsie has occupied therapy sessions, innovating a new development of fun activities during these sessions. “Students develop work skills by shredding paper for her bedding, replenishing her water and food, and making sure she has hay and toys throughout the day,” Mrs. Morgan stated.

Now five months old, the bunny has interacted with people since she was adopted at five weeks by Mrs. Morgan and Mrs. Carlton, and has served a significant motive in assisting to many emotionally. “Tootsies purpose is to provide emotional support to our students and to bring students together,”  Mrs. Morgan explained.

Feeling overwhelmed? The doors are always open, don’t forget you are more than welcome to stop by room 416 to visit Tootsie!