Mitchell Moore, Editor

The “footballers” of WWT are lead onto the field this season by returning head coach Joe Pysh. Pysh has been the varsity coach for five years now, and continues to keep the Titans consistently towards the top of the division.

Right Now the Titans hold a total record of 7-6-1, while their division record stands at 3-2-1. Patrick ‘Swayze’ Magasark, the Senior Sweeper in command of the Titans’ defense said “This is a team full of young guys with lots of potential for future years.” Magasark continued, “I believe we have the talent to compete with any team in the division.”

Magasark, along with help from leading scorer Jeremy Rindal (’19) and Eric Yang (’19) who recently had a hat trick, are each helping to keep the spirit of this young talented team alive.

The Titans’ Soccer Club recently took a tough 4-0 shutout courtesy of Marysville, but plan on rebounding this wednesday, September 27th against a competitive St. Clair team.

“We have a lot of talent” Forward Brandon Harger (’18) said, “We’ve all improved after every game.” The WWT soocer team is off to a strong season and is looking forward to many more wins!