Marissa Rankin , Editor

WWT’s culinary classes toasted to a new semester accompanied by the welcoming of our newest culinary teacher, Ms. Murray!

In a literal manner, Mrs. Adams and Ms. Murray teamed up to do an activity with their students that abided to “toasting to a new semester”  as they enjoyed pieces of toast on the side when they were able to put on paper their goals for this semester.

When making the decision to leave her recent position of teaching at Dakota High School, something about WWT hit home for her as she is a alum of the class of 2002 (Mrs. Adams happened to be one of her class advisors). 

“A lot of friends and family have asked if it was weird coming back to WWT. I said it was easy, it felt comfortable, it felt right,” foods teacher Ms. Murray exclaimed of revisiting the halls she had once walked as a student.

She went on to explain her full experience the school has ultimately provided her as she recaps on a moment in which she bumped into WWT’s then assistant principal, Mr. Wilson, and being recognized even after the years that went by.

She enjoys the comfort of the school being close-knit and how the staff and students are able to familiarize themselves with one another.  “I truly believe Warren Woods is a special place, even if students don’t realize at the time,”  she stated.

Ms. Murray found if she were to promote anything here at WWT she’d advise her students to become more involved as she herself was a self-involved student. She was an engaged journalist in our community within the committed staff of WWT’s newspaper as well as the Editor-in-Chief of yearbook.

Her involvement in swim for four years initiated her interest in coaching swim, which developed her niche in teaching teenagers.

Her favorite thing about teaching Foods Hospitality? She explains that she loves how students can display something physically that shows the diligence they have committed towards the dishes they make in class. She finds it interesting when this subject suits a student well enough to see them go off to study culinary arts for their futures.

Perhaps you don’t want to study this subject? She expresses the development of life skills within this CTE class. “What I like most about teaching this subject is the vast amount of career and job opportunities as well as life skills,” she expressed.

If you have yet to experience Foods Hospitality, give it a try as you are putting together your schedules for next year. You may have the opportunity in getting to know Ms. Murray!