Marissa Rankin, Editor

Love is in the air during this time of the year and this Valentines Day, Warren Woods National Art Honor Society (NAHS) works to express their appreciation for our Veterans among an organization by the name of ‘Valentines for Veterans.’

This activity derives an important message to many different communities that participate. Art teacher, Mrs. Flanigan presented working on this project she had witnessed within the newspaper; “I think Veterans have done a lot for our country and are often overlooked and should get more appreciation,” Mrs. Flanigan exclaimed.

The group of art inclined students within NAHS voted in favor of working their strengths in art towards a vigorous cause. “It felt very nice making cards for Veterans who are the true heroes in our country, they deserve all the love!” NAHS member Theresa Khouri ‘18 stated.

The students diligently crafted together these homemade Valentines in efforts that allow Veterans to feel the love that is ever so expressed during this special day. It is said that handmade cards that are received from students of any age are often the most meaningful of all to our Veterans that are well deserving of them.

About one hundred of these Valentines were made and the turnout was beautiful. As they were being dropped off at the Veterans Support Center in Clinton Township Mrs. Flanigan explained the positive feedback that radiated from the secretaries that will soon be transferring the cards to the Veterans. “They were thrilled with them,” Mrs. Flanigan stated.

From this location, the cards will soon be making their way into the hands of Veterans at John D. Dingelis Medical Center in Detroit.

Take the time this Valentines day to express your love towards those who have made an impact in your life and reflect on various forms of love that have been expressed through our troops and Veterans!

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