Recently the WWT community was reminded of the significance one kind gesture can undermine; as this Valentines Day we were able to identify not only love that radiated the halls of the school but also acts of kindness that couldn’t go unnoticed.

A group of sophomores ensued their true character by communicating their appreciation and love for the POHI community as they distributed balloons among them.

Those involved in this act of kindness were Kaitlyn Murphy, Aughtum Halsey, Alexis Rose, Blake Bowes and Tyler Desloover. Originally the group initiated on starting off with a few balloons but as soon as they experienced the substantial impact this act created, it influenced them to distribute more.

“We decided to show the POHI community that they are loved all around the school and not just in their department,” Blake Bowes ‘20 explained.

The responses that overall stood out to them were the teachers within the department who approached them, expressing their gratitude for their act.

“The responses were all very sweet, the kids reactions were absolutely priceless and warmed my heart and the responses from teachers, parents and other students were also extremely sweet,” Kaitlyn Murphy ’20 stated.  

This group of students highlighted that it is essential that those within the POHI community should be able to interact with other students on the exterior of their department.

Kaitlyn went on to explain that doing good can reflect on those around you, and it takes only one person to influence many.

The impact of any form of positivity can go a long way, and Kaitlyn found in this experience that its truly the little things that matter when she recognized the impact their gesture had on many individuals. “It was the best feeling ever, the smiles on their faces were just amazing,” Kaitlyn  explained.

She recapped on the feeling of delight this kind gesture ultimately provided her, explaining that this act influences her to do more good in the future and together the group hopes that their recent actions have created something concrete allowing them to communicate to their peers that the world is genuinely a positive place when you learn to create a positive environment for yourself.

The WWT community applauds this behavior, as these students have set a perfect example of Titan behavior we can all admire!



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