Sam Raimondo, Editor

Unfortunately, there will be no more Titan Time for the rest of the school year! This is the third year that the principals and staff have been trying to come up with a great plan to help students that need it. We will no longer have it for the rest of the year due to AP , NWEA, and SAT testing.  Not only that but the staff was unsure if it was the most effective way to help the students. ” Next year we possibly will bring back Titan Time but with new additions, ” said Mr. Mackenzie.

Administrators would still like to get feed back and have students take surveys on Titan Time. Student and staff feedback will help them figure out how to make this time more effective. The majority of the staff agrees that a set period of time like Titan Time is important and want some type of intervention strategy to be utilized. ” I do not want to take away instruction time that is important if Titan Time is not as effective as it could be,” Mr.Mackenzie added.

Mr. Mackenzie is going to visit Dearborn Crestwood High School in early June. This high school has a different intervention system that they feel has been very effective.  He hopes to see how this time is organized and possibly bring it back in the Fall of 2017 with new and improved additions.