Marissa Rankin, Editor

This years opening of the Titan Terrace is set for this Wednesday, November 1st. The foods teachers and students have been spending time this fall making this year an advance in new menu items and essential necessities for the restaurant as well as bringing back old menu items gradually due to new nutritional standards.

For first time customers, the Titan Terrace is a Macomb County Restaurant that offers cooked from scratch food located just outside of the cafeteria. You are able to stop by to pick up food or you can eat in the restaurant. The restaurant is reasonably priced although they only accept cash and aren’t connected to the cafeterias financial programs.

The Titan Terrace offers soup, chili, grilled wrap sandwiches, salads, and a bakery showcase filled with fresh baked desserts. “Students can come in for a full lunch or just a single fresh cookie,” Foods teacher, Mrs. Adams stated.

Soon to be added menu items consist of the Titan favorites, loaded potato and french onion soups. It is also said that a smaller version of the salad bar is making a return!

Rewind to the beginning of the school year, the foods students have been preparing for this moment and can’t wait to see all of the work they’ve put in, come to life. “From September 5th on, we have talked, studied, practiced, and prepared ourselves for our first guests,”  Mrs. Adams exclaimed.

In hopes of impressing the staff and students of WWT, those who have prepared for this years opening of the Titan Terrace hope to see you stop by November 1st, during your lunch!