The Rubber Room comes to WWT!

The Rubber Room comes to WWT!

Samantha Kidd, Co-Editor-in-Chief

Do you ever wonder about what goes on in the teacher’s lounge? Here’s your chance to snoop on a gang of educators who’ll do anything to relieve the boredom!

The Rubber Room, a play written by Pat Cook, is the upcoming production from the WWT Drama Club. This is the school’s first production since their budget has been cut, but they are all very excited for this play.

They pull crazy antics and pranks of the principal…until one of them writes a book using them as examples! Accusations fly left and right and the superintendent and even the governor gets involved!

“I joined drama club because it was a chance for me to meet new people and have fun with something I love,” Cody Dyer `13 said. Cody was a member of last year’s Our Miss Brooks and Seussical.

A newcomer to the drama club this year is Olivia Carroll `15. She plays the role of Carson Delay. “I like that it’s really out there and over the top,” she said.

This year, the WWT Drama Club has brought in new director, Marcus Laban. He is a former student from WWT and is “a very friendly and funny person,” Cody added.

The play will be held on December 2nd and 3rd at the WWT Auditorium. This production is bound to make you laugh and have a good time. Times and ticket prices will be announced soon, so keep an eye out!