Autumn Okuszka, Editor-in-chief

The favorite spot for staff and students alike during lunch and beyond is now open today and is better than ever. Along with recent school favorites such as the Titan Gear from Nike to Jordan, the store and staff are introducing many new things to please the school.

“This year, the Campus Corner is trying to bring in any students that have never been into the store as well as old customers. We are introducing a coffee bar that will be open before school from 7:00-7:25 and open during all lunches. A 12 oz. will be $1.00 and a 16 oz. will be $1.50.”

The store is also beginning to partner with school clubs to fund raise.

“We will be selling pop, chips, and candy every Tuesday and Friday. Any clubs that are interested should contact us.”

If you’ve never been or if the store is your favorite spot be sure to make a stop in the Campus Corner sometime this school year! It is open Monday-Friday from 7:00-7:25 before school and during all three lunches except for early releases.