Marissa Rankin, Editor

With a fresh start to a new school year, new faces beyond the students are present. Warren Woods Tower welcomes in one of our newest staff members, Ms. Ring within the math department.

Ms. Ring overall anticipates a good school year as she begins to express what she would like to offer to the students and staff of Tower. With the development of a fond interest in the district, she adjusts to the school as she obtains the beginning of her new position.

After teaching math and science within the district at Enterprise high school (EHS) for four years and her previous years of teaching science at Lincoln middle school, Ms. Ring decided to take upon her role of teaching here at Tower. In fact, her fiance was a WWT graduate of 2005.

Overall, with fresh eyes she could describe Tower as a welcoming environment, “There are definitely good vibes going around this school and I’m happy to be here,” Ms. Ring explained.

She primarily hopes to furnish a positive learning space and is eager to work within the math department where she can share her love for teaching. “At EHS I was the only math teacher, so being able to nerd-out and talk math with my fellow teachers has been my favorite part,” Ms. Ring exclaimed.

Ms. Ring concludes those within the community of Tower have played an important role on her new start, and have produced a welcoming experience. “Everyone from the teachers, students, and admin have been so great,” Ms. Ring concludes.