As the year winds down and students get ready to leave the school for the summer, we cannot look forward without first looking back.

This year, our entire education really, would not be possible without the professionals who take time out of their day to go above and beyond their jobs to make a difference in students’ lives.

This past week (May 7th-11th) was Teacher Appreciation Week at Warren Woods Tower, highlighted by the banner hanging in the commons “If you can read this, thank a teacher!” This is a week dedicated to thanking the staff for all that they do and letting them know how much their hard work is appreciated.

“The teachers are always there to give us support and the help we need but most of the time they never get the thank you they deserve,” Elizabeth Mors `14 said.

Woods-Tower makes it a goal to focus on Teacher Appreciation more than just this week of the school year. The winter season was highlighted by the Student Council “Secret Santa” where members exchanged gifts with the staff each day the last week before Christmas Break. The last day of school before the holiday recess Student Council hosted a breakfast for all club and staff members to have a big reveal as to what StuCo member was gifting for what staff member.

Also, the National Honor Society has started a recognition system for every staff member. Roughly twice a month when NHS meets, their members write different messages with sometimes attached gifts for every teacher, front office aid, etc at Woods-Tower. These have been themed messages with examples such as “An apple a day keeps the crazy students away” attached to an apple in their mailbox, or, “Having you as a teacher was the luckiest thing that ever happened to me!” attached to a lottery ticket in March.

These messages have been received with great gratitude, as the anonymous messages brighten the teachers’ days each time they receive them. “The little notes make me happy inside, they show me that I am making a difference,” Mr. Martin, English teacher said.

Student Council also did a spring event for teacher appreciation, which was their yearly luncheon for the staff. Helped out by Mrs. Adams’s Foods and Hospitality class, StuCo put on a picnic themed luncheon for the teachers May 4th. The luncheon, featuring hamburgers, hot dogs, a surplus of fruit, and an ice cream float station. The tables will also adorned with apples with paper leaf messages attached to them saying things such as “A+ Teacher” and “Thank you for all your hard work.”

Teacher Appreciation Week concluded on May 11th with a breakfast provided for the staff. These little efforts by those at WWT make a large difference in the life of a teacher, showing them that they are truly cared for by the students and other staff here. While Teacher Appreciation Week was this past week, the organizations at Woods-Tower make sure that teachers know that they are appreciated year-round. So go out, and thank a teacher!



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