Taylor Swift just recently dropped a bomb on the music world. 1989, Taylor’s sixth album was released on October 27th. The album was a tremendous hit worldwide. It was quite the surprise, especially since her music style changed so abruptly. Although some of her fans believe that 1989 just doesn’t seem right, others love it. Many of Taylor’s fans love the album for its new sound, and the same old Taylor Swift lyrics.

Taylor’s new album is one of her best, although thousands of fans across the world would beg to differ. “I’m not a big fan of Taylor’s new music,” Amy Rostkowski ‘15 says, “I was a die-hard fan of her old music. Now she just sounds like another artist trying to make a hit,” She added. Many Swifties have shown a distaste in songs such as Shake it Off and Welcome to New York. “In Taylor’s old music, her talent really shined through and meant something. Her new music, it just doesn’t,” Rostkowski stated. The songs are much too upbeat and poppy, “It’s not the Taylor Swift I know and watched blow up in the music world,” Rostkowski said.

Taylor’s transition to pop, although not so subtle, was an overall awesome choice! For every Taylor hater, there must be 100 fans, of which several of them walk the halls of Warren Woods Tower. All of these Tower Swifties all have one thing in common; they seem to really love Taylor’s new sound. “1989 is different. It’s not her usual style,” Kayla Hinton ’15 says. Taylor made a not so subtle transition from country to full on pop, which could have been a huge mistake for her career. Fans have proven that it wasn’t such a mistake after all, “I think she found who she really was and expanded her voice,” Hinton stated. Taylor is not afraid to take risks when it comes to her music. She doesn’t care much about what people think, “I think that’s why she is so well liked,” Hinton added.

Taylor always pours her heart and soul into her music. When she made the change from sad, slow country music, to upbeat pop, her fans were quite worried. Although Taylor’s music is not as slow as it used to be, it is still full of emotion. “She’s not country anymore, but her music is just as good,” Emma Morin ’16 says. It seems that Taylor has not lost her way with words, “Her lyrics still have as much meaning. She still sings about the same things and her lyrics jut show that she doesn’t care what people think,” Morin added.

Taylor’s supporting fans have seemed to outweigh the unsupportive ones once again. Taylor Swift has been number one on the charts since the album came out. Swift must be doing something right to keep her Swifties happy. 1989 embodies the same Taylor Swift, just a little older and wiser. The music may be much more upbeat, but it has the same, if not, more meaning than any of her previous albums. So, take a listen. Give Taylor a chance. Who knows, you might even be compelled to buy the album.



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