Lucas Kelly’s extraordinary season


Chanel Metzler, Staff Reporter

After a 22 year hiatus, Tower’s Boys Swim team became Dual Meet champs, winning nine meets and only losing one. This successful season can be attributed to hardworking swimmers such as Lucas Kelly ’14  who made 4 county cuts in some of the hardest events.

Lucas Kelly  started swimming last year as a freshman. “This year I am swimming Varsity which is making me work harder,” Lucas said. Most freshmen  swim the 100 free style and the 50 Free style usually in  exhibition heats.

But this year Lucas has made it to the Varsity level; swimming the 200 I.M and the 100 Backstroke. “I like backstroke the best, and I am good at it. The I.M is a fun event because your swimming a 50 of every stroke,” Lucas said.

Making a county cut is something that all of the boys are working to do. Outside of the division and state meet, counties is an honor to swim at. “He has definitely improved from last year, he was a good swimmer but this year he has really pushed to do his best,” Coach Rohloff said.

Missing only one practice Lucas is trying to improve his skills and meet his goals for the season. With the county meet coming up quickly he knows that it is crunch time and he needs to do his best, not only at the meets but at practices.

“I only started to swim because all of my friends were doing it and I needed something to fill my time,” Lucas said. Swim is not an easy sport but he has grown to love it, and he plans on swimming for the rest of his years in high school. “Even though its tiring I enjoy my sport.”