Every year a group of Student Council members travel to Traverse City for the weekend to participate in Leadership Training. The stuco members stay at Grand Traverse Resort to participate in meetings, lectures to discuss ways to improve or make events at Tower.

At Leadership Training, the stuco members participated in a variety of activities. Stuco member Sydney Kruise ‘16 says, “ We got to meet with other student council members from other schools to share ideas on how to run school events. We also had guest speakers like Skating for Change charity founder Mike Smith, to give a speech on how to be a leader in the community.”

Rayna Walker ‘16 adds on with her experience, “ Mike Smith’s speech changed my life. He told us to put down our phones. He told us to look around and enjoy the world. Enjoy life. He told us to not to think that we’re better than everyone else, because there is always some who can change you.”

Life-changing lectures were not the only thing the stuco got to see. Participants also got to host or listen in on council meetings. “At the meetings, schools would show us an event they did through a powerpoint. They would show us how to budget, host the event so we could possibly do it in the future,” explains Sydney.

At the resort, there were also numerous bonding activities for the schools to participate in. Rayna lists, “They had volleyball, a boxing ring, dance parties, all kinds of things for us to have fun with. Some people were even dancing on tables and chairs.”

“We also matched in what we were wearing. On the first day we all wore red. The second day we wore a blue Warren shirt that the Regina girls made for us. All the schools from Warren wore that shirt like Cousino, Mott, Regina, and Tower,” elaborates Sydney.

The student council members learned and had a lot of fun over the weekend in Traverse City. They went to learn more information on how to make the school and the community better. They worked while having fun and some were inspired.

From all the guest speakers, especially Mike Smith, seniors Rayna Walker, Mister Whitfield, and Alexia Thacker and Sydney Kruise actually came up the idea to come up with a charity. “We need socks, backpacks. clothes, toiletries, all unused, or washed to hand out to the less fortunate,” shares Rayna. See any of them for donations.

Attend field trips students, you never know what you may get out of it.



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