Despite being the only girl on the golf team, junior Hannah Mitchell approaches her shot at achieving all of her goals for this golf season.

“This is my second season on the golf team. My step dad plays golf, so my mom and I talked about me joining last year. We decided it would be a good thing to do because we both agree it’s a good skill to have, I feel that most professional people know how to golf, so it would be a good way of bonding,” Hannah Mitchell ’17 said

As in any sport, goals are a necessary thing to have in order to motivate you throughout the season.  Last year in her first season, Hannah played her best game, setting her personal record at a score of 72!

“I feel like I keep a pretty positive attitude during the game, even though I get down on myself when I’m not doing well.  My goals for this season are to better myself as a player, and to beat my personal record. I have improved a lot from last year, my drive is a lot farther and I have become more patient not just with golf, but with everything,” Mitchell added.

A sport like golf can be many things to many people. To some, golf may be a game of leisure; A game to pass the time, while to others, golf is just as important as Monday night football. For Hannah, Golf is more than just being on a team.

“Golf is so relaxing, and it helps keep my mind off of things. The team is even better because they have accepted me and they don’t treat me differently, they just treat me like a teammate. I am motivated by Brandon Agents because he’s really good, and I can learn from him,” Mitchell added.

To see Hannah Mitchell and the rest of the golf team take on Lake Shore, take a drive up to Maple Lanes this afternoon! Tee off is at 4:00 p.m.!

For another chance to see the golf team play, head up to Maple Lanes on May 3rd to watch the take on South Lake!



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