Soccer Seniors work towards great season

Soccer Seniors work towards great season

Ray J. Skowronek-The Macomb Dail

Midhat Livadic ’12 works to kick the ball and score against South Lake

Chanel Metzler, Staff Reporter

 From the start of 2011 summer the Titans soccer has been practicing daily. This work has proved successful with 8 games won this year.

With new players and old, the team is on an exemplary track; they are working the field as best they can. The seniors this year are dominating with their numbers; six of the players are seniors. These players are trying to leave their mark on Titan Soccer.

Midhat Livadic is a senior and he has been playing soccer for all four years of high school. He has been on varsity since his sophomore year and made JV his freshmen year. Playing center-midfield Midhat is a very talented soccer player. Recently Midhat was added to the Macombs Players to watch. He has improved greatly since his first years at the end of his last year’s season he had 5 goals and 27 assists. He is proud to be a captain his senior year and is working hard with 9 goals and 11 assists so far.

Sherwin Yang '12 and Joe Gargagliano (South Lake) fight to gain possession of the ball. Credit: Macomb Daily

Along with Midhat; Michael Sorrentino ’13 is another fantastic player. So far this year he has 5 goals and 5 assists. These two are the only returning starters on the team, considering most of last year’s players, graduated.


As of right now the team has 8 wins 4 losses and 5 ties. The team is proud of their record but would prefer that more of their ties would have been wins. Sherwin Yang ’12 is another great player on the varsity team and an important asset to the team with 11 goals and 13 assists – the most on the team.

“We play well together and we are a very diverse team,” Sherwin said.


The soccer team has gained a few new diverse faces; foreign exchange student Anders Renstrom (from Sweden) has joined the Varsity team. “He knows how to work hard,” team mate Josh Ajini ’12 said. Josh has been on the team for four years and is one of the captains this year.

Mike Fowler is a senior and is just starting out on the team he has been starting in the last few games. He joined because of encouragement by some of his other friends on the team. “Soccer is the real football,” Mike claimed. With all of these new players and the record so far the team is hoping to have a great season.