Saving a life, a game we can all play


T-shirts can be purchased at lunches or during the games.

Samantha Kidd, Co-Editor-in-Chief

This year Woods-Tower hosted the second annual Titans vs. Cancer game, pairing with Lakeview High School to raise money for the American Cancer Society in order to put an end to a terrible disease. The Athletic Department has vowed to not stop there, and have planned a new fundraising event. This event is the first ever Go Red basketball night at Woods-Tower, raising money for the American Heart Association.

“February is healthy heart month, so the American Heart Association inspired the game,” Debbie Checkle, Athletics Secretary stated. The boys’ and girls’ basketball teams will be helping out along with the dance team for the six games that will be played that night.

The athletic department is having the boys and girls basketball teams sell t-shirts before hand to students, for $10 each. “Shirts will be sold at the game, but in order to get in free you have to have your shirt before,” Ms. Checkle said. Shirts will be worn at the Go Red night, and will get you into the games for free.

The Boys and Girls Basketball teams will both be playing at home on February 16th, 2012. This Friday the festivities begin at 4:00pm and continue throughout the night with Freshmen, JV, and Varsity games. The boys will be playing against Lincoln, and the girls against Lakeview.

Along with the basketball games, other festivities and fundraisers will be going on including selling honor hearts, and special activities at half time. “We hope to have a lot of people show up and support this cause,” said Ms. Checkle.

The Go Red game is something that Woods-Tower hopes to continue in the future, so please come out and support this great cause Thursday night!