Every May, the advanced physics classes are assigned to build cardboard boats to race in the annual boat regatta. The physics students place their boxy boats in the pool and race from start to finish.

Each physics group has to create and hand make a model to race. “We can only use cardboard and duct tape for our boats.We have to use the laws of physics to make sure our boat floats and doesn’t sink during the race. During the building of the boat we have to calculate and make sure our measurements are corresponding to the weight that’s going in the boat. We’ve worked on the boat for about 3 weeks now. All we have left to do is to put all the pieces together,” says Ci Lee ‘17 who is in Mr. Halicki’s advanced physics class.

“This involves what we’re learning in class by us applying our knowledge of density and force to create a boat that is able to float,” elaborates Tricia Matzke ‘17.

More than ten boats in total. There’s a lot of competition to get past to win. Some are worried, but most are confident.

“I think our boat has a really good chance at first place since our model boat was amazing,” gushes Ci.

“I think my boat will make it to the second heat, because I was in the regatta freshmen year and so was Michelle Highfield (who is on my team). We have some experience on what works and what doesn’t,” shares Bella Sivalelli ‘16.

“Personally I believe my group’s boat will place first! Bias I know, however our boat did very well when we made a scaled down trial model using weights as people. We placed the trial boat in a bowl of water and our boat didn’t sink once and was left in the water for around ten minutes,” exclaims Tricia.

Building and racing the boats were not the only fun thing though, so was picking the boat’s theme!

“Our theme is Paul’s Pit Crew. We love Mr. Halicki,” exclaims Ci.

“We’re gangstas,” says Kim Bui ‘16 about her group’s theme.

The most important thing about the boat regatta is not winning, or earning a good grade, it’s about having fun and working hard with your team.
“My favorite part of boat building so far is the people I work with. We all get along very well which makes it a lot easier to work. I don’t think I could do this project with people I couldn’t get along with due to the amount of teamwork truly needed. Also, Bella has great snacks at her house which is just another bonus,” concludes Tricia.



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