College Guide


Reneh Gelladuga, Features Editor

By now, you’ve made your decision for college, sent in your enrollment deposit, and are ending your senior year. There are a lot of things to keep track of and do before the fall so follow this guide to ensure your transition from high school to college is a smooth one.

  1. Register for orientation. All colleges have you attend orientation so you can know the basics for the campus and the academics. Typically, at orientation, it is where you take your ID picture and register for your fall classes.
  2. Register for your placement exams to make sure you’re in the correct level class for your general education classes. Some colleges recommend higher level classes based on your ACT/SAT score. If you’re taking AP classes, make sure you pass the test with a score that you can use for college credit.
  3. Finalize financial aid for your school. Get all your paperwork in to ensure you get maximum funds.
  4. Finalize housing if you’re going away. Know what you can/cannot have in the dorms and start packing early! Find a roommate if you need, make sure you get to know them before end.
  5. Enjoy your freshman year! Learn from upperclassmen. Be prepared and committed yet have fun and be social!