Lucas Kelly breaks records in swim and goes to States


Cassidy Johncox, Co-Editor in Chief

Senior varsity swimmer Lucas Kelly has done the unthinkable- broken not one, but three swim records. These records have been in place since 1996 and, 18 years later, Lucas has broken the record for the 200 IM, the 500 yard freestyle, and the 400 yard freestyle relay (this relay also  includes Christopher Santowski, Daniel Geromette, and Nicholas Andary, and their names will appear on the board as well).

Not only did Lucas break records at Tower, but he also qualified for States in the 500 yard freestyle.

“I put in work day in and day out. I worked hard over Christmas break, in the mornings before school, and every day after school. The pain I endured was miserable but paid off tremendously in the end,” Lucas said.

Lucas has been swimming for all four of his years at Tower, and it couldn’t possibly come to an end in a better way.

“The feeling is indescribable, breaking three records and qualifying for States. After four years of looking on the record board, hoping to achieve what others before me have done, and doing it, was just a terrific feeling. Knowing that I gave my all to achieve my goals and in the end it paid off was a great way to end my high school swim career and add to the excitement of my senior year,” Lucas said.

Lucas went to States on the 7th of this month and, though he didn’t place, he still ended the year on a great note. Good job, Lucas!

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