Freshmen girls pirouette onto the Dance Team


The JV dance team pumps up the crowd at pep rally.

Elaina Clark, Staff Reporter

Usually when people think of sports they think of a ball, a court, and statistics, but there are a few sports that are an exception. For instance, day after day the girls of the Dance team work hard to perfect their sport. Between football season and basketball season, they work 3 – 4 days a week at long practices to hone their routines into the sublime, allowing for quality entertainment during games.

At games, fans normally see the girls in the center of the field dressed in their black uniforms jumping around, doing move after move in sync, but, other than the payoff,  little is known about the girls that dance. This fact especially holds true about the Dance newcomers – The freshmen.

Most of the sports in high school are also available at the middle school level. Dance is the exception to this. “I wish there was a [Dance] team in middle school because it would’ve made the transition from middle school to high school a lot easier.” Shelbey Mullen ’15 said. Some of the girls started dancing before they reached high school. There are the long time dancers like Mullen, who has been dancing for five years at the Encore dance studio, or Mariah Cottrell ’15 who has been dancing for 3 years at Dance Expressions.

Others, like Courtney Spurgeon ’15 and Nicole Ozias ’15, haven’t been involved in dance for long. Courtney was on the cheer team since second grade and decided to give the dance team a try because her cousin was on the team and she thought it would be fun. Ozias has only been dancing one year at a community center. “I joined because I knew most of my friends were also joining and I wanted to do something new.” Ozias stated.

For these girls, Dance has helped shape their character as well. “It made me more social and responsible and I trust more people.” Cottrell claimed. For Shelbey, dance “made her more respectful and made it easier to work with people.”

So next time you’re at a game and you see the girls dancing on the field, remember who these girls are and the hard work they put into perfecting their passion and  making games more enjoyable for you!