Taelor Varner, Editor

During the beginning of October, WWT World History teacher, Mr. Vukich took a trip to Germany for 3 days. The point of this trip was to prepare and train him on how to keep all of his students safe when him and Mrs. Schmid lead a group of WWT students to Italy next summer for the first time. There are many things that are different in Germany versus here. “The language, the food, the culture. Their way of life is more community oriented,” says Mr. Vukich.
In Berlin, most of the bigger stores close on Sunday so people can spend time with friends and family. German is the primary language there but mostly everyone speaks English. It was not difficult for Mr.Vukich to communicate while in Germany because he happens to know the language.
I was informed that the most common dishes that are eaten in Germany are currywurst, which is a spicy hot-dog, meat and potatoes, and donor kebab which is like a turkish gyro. There are also a lot of meat pies that are similar to a hot pocket but much better. Mr.Vukich stated that he learned a lot about how Germany has come to terms with the horrible legacy of the Nazi regime and the Holocaust which he found to be very interesting.
To greet people in Germany, you say “Guten Tag,” which means good day. After purchasing something, you always say “Danke Schoen” which happens to mean thank you very much. Mr.Vukich says that the trip was very intense but it was also very enjoyable and a fun 3 days.