WWT football tackles cancer


Chanel Metzler, Staff Reporter

The Warren Woods Tower Football team is gearing up for the second annual Football vs. Cancer game against Lakeview on September 16, 2011.  The big game is headed to WWT’s home field.  Proceeds from the “Blackout” game will be donated to the American Cancer Society which funds research for all cancers; last year’s “Pink” game gave money to Gilda’s Club which funds breast cancer research.

[EDITOR’S NOTE: The Titan vs. Cancer game raised $8000. Mrs. Voorhees of the Titan Touchdown Club thanks everyone for their support. The check will be presented to the American Cancer Society the week of October 17, 2011.] 

The players will wear specially made black and blue jerseys (Black being the designated color to represent all cancers). Each football player is playing for a cancer victim that is close to them. After the game, players will invite these people onto the field and hand off their jerseys.

The WWT community will also hold a luminary ceremony after the game. People can donate money to decorate a bag which will contain a lit candle and be placed around the field after the game.  The glowing bags around the field will represent a hope for more birthdays and an end to cancer.

Cancer really hits home for many of Titan Nation. A plethora of Tower students have seen the hardships and pains of cancer through the eyes of loved ones. “My dad has cancer and my family has had to deal with it for a long time,” Andy Kastelan ’12 stated. “We need to find a cure as quick as we can before things get worse.”

Titan football players have found great purpose in representing one close to them affected by cancer “Randy DeLorme is my cousin. I am playing for him because he is a big part of our family and he always stays, positive no matter the situation,” Sean Neary ’12 said.

Other Titans have experienced cancer on a more personal level. Alumni Ronald Dicicco, graduate of the 2009 class and Homecoming King developed throat cancer shortly after the completion of his senior year. “I had amazing support,” Ronald Dicicco said. “My family and friends were always there for me whenever I needed them.” Even through his difficulties Ronald was able stay positive. “I always tried to keep a smile on my face even through the tougher days.”

Elvis Brown ’12 is representing Ronald at the game. “He’s like family,” Elvis said. “I feel honored just to be able to do it.”

Morgan Zaleweski ’12, President of the Senior class, was diagnosed with leukemia when she was in kindergarten. Since then, Morgan’s cancer returned in sixth grade and again in ninth grade. With the help of her sister Nicole and a bone marrow transplant, Morgan has been able to recover from her last stint with cancer. She is healthier and stronger then before the transplant and has participates in girl’s swimming this semester. She will be making a speech during the game.

Further support for the game was given by other WWT sports teams. Every sport –from swimming to soccer to tennis have gotten involved and worked hard to raise money. Blackout game wristbands and T-shirts have been sold in hopes of reaching the fundraising goal of $20,000 between both schools.

 The Titan Touchdown Club has worked on the logistics and organization of this event. If one wishes to help support the Blackout game through direct measures, checks can be made out to the Titan Touchdown Club. All donations are gratefully accepted.