What you Should Know About Homecoming


Emily Johnson

  •   The Parade

The Homecoming parade is a great way to kick-off the start of homecoming day. This is where you can see all your hard work in action. If you’ve worked at float then this is a great way to reward yourself and you’ll be surprised at how proud you are. Not only will you get to see the floats that you’ve made, but you’ll also get to see the sour hearts and sweet hearts along with the band. It’s something you won’t want to miss. Make sure you grab a seat along Martin road  between Westwood elementary and Tower. It will start at 11 am on homecoming day.

  • The Football Game

The game will be against Fitzgerald and it will be a special game you won’t regret going to.  They will also announce the Homecoming King and Queen for this year. The game will start at 1 pm.

  • Pep-rally

Come wearing your class gear and be ready to scream. It starts at 7 pm an Friday the 5th.

  •  Tickets

Tickets are 15 dollars this year and they are for sale during all lunches

  • How to Dress

Girls should come to the dance in nice dresses and if you plan on taking your shoes off, it’s suggested that you bring an extra pair of shoes. Boys don’t have to rent tuxedos, just come wearing dressy clothes. Doors open at 7 pm.