Water bottle re-filler enforces green school status


Sean Drabik, Co-Editor in Chief

In the 400 wing, you may have noticed a new contraption where a water fountain used to be. That is a water bottle re-filler, a new machine the school that will help to enforce our green school status. The machine is used to fill water bottles, so that people aren’t buying new ones constantly. Along with saving on the production of plastic, maintaining one water bottle saves on expenses more than that a regular water fountain.

Students have already began to take notice and use the machine. “Its quick, easy, and it tastes great!” said Blong Lee ’14.

Staff members as well have began to use it, and are satisfied with its results.. “Its convenient and environmentally friendly.” Said Mr. Martin.

This will be a great thing for athletes too, who are looking to keep their water bottles filled, like track runner Josh Anonick’14, who said, “This will be a great way to fill up my water bottle fast before track with good, clean water.”

Our green school has expanded its ecological friendliness through this filler, and will remind everyone to expand respect for our planet into further aspects of our lives.