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Marissa Rankin, Editor

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On Election Day, November 7th WWT was open to the community in hopes of achieving a victory in winning an important bond proposal for the district. Thanks to all who prepared and worked towards spreading the word on this subject, Warren Woods won the approval for this bond!

Information on this project was spread to the community with enough preparation, parents among the community took individual time to educate their neighborhood on this matter, and made phone calls and letters.

Those who voted in favor allowed our school district to set immense plans for the future!  “Many of you blessed us by voting yes and ultimately making these plans come true for our students and community,” superintendent, Stacey Denewith-Fici exclaimed.  

This bond ultimately impacts the students and facility of the schools and is all around designed to improve the district educationally and financially while positioning a safe, secure and up to date environment.

Among the Warren Woods District, it is said that it is our first time since 2004 holding a bond approval! This news is not only beneficial but also a success for the community! “A huge thank you to all those who supported and passed the Warren Woods bond proposal. We won’t let you down!” Warren Woods Tower principal, Mr. Mackenzie stated.

For more information on this bond visit this link below: