Want to earn big bucks as a college student? Here’s how!

Want to earn big bucks as a college student?  Here’s how!

Allison Hansen

Attention all students who are interested in pursuing a career in the technological field: there is a new program offered through a few of our local community colleges that will offer you a paying job in the technology industry while you’re still working on your college education.

The Michigan Advanced Technician Training program (also known as MAT^2) gives college students an opportunity to earn their associates degree at Henry Ford, Macomb, Mott, or Oakland Community Colleges while also working towards a career in one of the following fields: Mechatronics Technician, IT Technician, Technical Product Design Technician, or CNC Manufacturing Technician. Each student that participates in MAT^2 will have their tuition paid for by their employer, earn an hourly wage while training on the job, and are guaranteed employment once they successfully complete the entire program.

Jobs within these fields are in high-demand right now and, luckily, there are many local companies that are participating employers of MAT^2, such as Cadillac Products Automotive Company and Detroit Diesel. In fact, there’s another Detroit company, CDK Global, that is currently looking to add over 100 new jobs for people who can help auto dealers and manufacturers improve their online marketing.

Mr. Tokarz, WIA Coordinator, recently attended a speaking engagement that gave a more in depth look into the whole program and what it offers to students who partake in it. “It’s a great opportunity for anyone that wants to get into this field. Not only is your tuition covered, but you also get the chance to work while still in school. The program is divided into two parts – you will be in school for a certain number of weeks and then you will work for a few weeks. Once the students started to work they were making about $200 a week,” Mr. Tokarz shared.

If you are interested in applying for MAT^2, the spring deadline is April 15 and the last call deadline is June 15. For more information, log on to http://www.mitalent.org/mat2/.