TV Production class steps it up

TV Production class steps it up

Reneh Gelladuga, Features Editor

Our TV production class is a very different and intriguing elective here at Tower. Under the direction of Mr.Martin, the class helped make the 2015 Lip Dub and the sports intros for basketball and wrestling. Students manipulate cameras and lights for production projects.The first semester is all about learning techniques and how to use equipment. Second semester is all about short films and bigger projects. The class is split into groups in which the members create small musical, thematic, sports, etc, clips.

Some members act, some do sound and light, and others are behind the camera. Projects always involves subjects and some students like being in front of the lens. “We did a music video of Hannah Montana’s Best of Both Worlds. In the video I got to play both Miley and Hannah. It was my favorite project we did in TV production, Watching it made me tear up, because it was literally my dream to be Hannah Montana,” says Abbey Crawford ‘16.

Other students prefer to be behind the scenes. They man the lights, sound, or control the camera. “Working with the camera and equipment is a different kind of experience. It’s fun, and allows you to be creative in new ways and there’s no limit to what you can do. I like being behind that camera rather than in front of it, because I’m more of a creator rather than a performer. While actors are definitely important when it comes to filmmaking, I’d much rather be the person, or one of the people behind the camera making it happen and see this idea come to life,” explains Raylee Wayne ‘16.

In addition to film projects, TV production also does a weekly newscast second semester. The newscast is a live recap on Tower’s events in the week. The live series airs every day during sixth hour on Channel 58.

The weekly newscasts and 2015 Lip Dub just barely scrape the surface on showing what kind of genres the TV production class can do. The students write scripts, record, and then edit for a grade. To watch TV production’s first semester productions type in the channel TitanNationWWT on YouTube.