Tower Titans take home more than a medal

In the 112 class  Elijuh Weaver of Warren Woods Tower wins over Branson Proudlock of Gibralter Carlson. (MIPrepZone photo gallery by David Dalton)


In the 112 class Elijuh Weaver of Warren Woods Tower wins over Branson Proudlock of Gibralter Carlson. (MIPrepZone photo gallery by David Dalton)

Sydney Kruise, Staff reporter

It’s been a stressful few weeks for the titan wrestling team, while six of them travel to the palace for the individual state meet this past weekend. They all put hours of work into preparing for this match, and they all put up a great fight once they were there. After four days, Three titans took home a medal, and one, brought home the state title.

“Qualifying for the state meet made me feel that everything I had done was for a reason. I felt that all of the hard work was finally paying off and I was peaking at the right time.” Jajaun Lovejoy ‘18 said. “I’ve seen what it takes to make it to the big lights but I plan to work hard and take it all next season.” Lovejoy commented “I lost in the blood rounds, but I feel that this season is the beginning of a legacy with more to come!”

“It was exciting when I qualified because that meant I was one of the top wrestlers in the state,” Nicholas Martini ‘17 said. “I wish I would have found more time to run and do things on my own,”  Martini also losing in the blood rounds, feels more confident about next season. “Next year the plan is to definitely be a state champ,” Martini added.

As the weekend went on, the titans continued to fight harder and harder. Chase Mayer ‘19 who placed second in his weight class never gave up. “I expected to qualify for states, but if I could change one thing, I would have been more aggressive and taken more risks during the match, because I only lost by one point,” Mayer said. “I plan to come back next season better, work harder towards that undefeated season, and then be a state champion, individually and as a team,” Mayer said. “This season I was influenced by my coach/uncle and Elijuh Weaver. Elijuh has pushed me and made me better everyday. It’s great going against a competitor like him every single day,” Mayer stated. “I definitely feel disappointed, I put too much work in, to take second place. Second place is great but it’s not the ultimate goal. I think I could have payed more attention to the small details in everything, that to me, is the difference between being a champion and being a runner-up,” Mayer commented.

Elijuah Weaver ‘17 is this year’s state champion. “It felt good to qualify for states, at practice I was focused and was determined to win,” Weaver said. “If I could change one thing this season, I would want Keff to not get hurt. He really could have helped the team.  I feel that I could have done better at practice to help me and my team. Next season, I plan to come back and do it all again. I was really influenced by my dad and my principals and other staff for getting me back on track. It feels good to win the state title, it shows who’s the best,” added Weaver.

Wrestling season has come to an end, some ended it the way they wanted too, others not so much. There is always room for improvement and next season is already coming up. Hard work will pay off eventually, titan wrestlers know that’s the truth.