Tower gets its first color yearbook


Sean Drabik, Co-Editor in Chief

The yearbook team has exciting news this year, as for the first time, the yearbook is going to be one hundred percent in color. “It’s very exciting.” Ms. Cassler, the teacher of the yearbook class says. “the students always love to work on colored pages, and it allows for so many more artistic opportunities than black and white can.”

“[the yearbook] will be totally awesome” Cassler says. The colored yearbook is an exciteable topic among the class, and there is hope that those buying the book will be just as excited.

“The diversity of [color  makes it exciting]”  Erika Nichols ’14 said, an editor on the Yearbook. “It’ll make the book and the school look more on par with other schools, and it will look far more professional.”

“We couldn’t do color before  because of the high costs” Ms Cassler said. The most impressive thing about this new book style maybe how the funds were raised. “the entire staff was dedicated to fundraise  in regard to getting the color yearbook.” The entire staff chipped in to bring in this impressive feat for the school, and at only a slightly higher price than previous yearbooks. Hopefully this redesign in the book will create an excitement for the school, and be sure to thank the staff around the school for helping to make it happen. The current cost for the yearbook is allotted to $70, and the next opportunity to order them is the week of December 1st to the 5th.