Titans triumph over rival Rams

Titans triumph over rival Rams

Elaina Clark, Staff Reporter

On Thursday, September 22, the varsity volleyball team faced their toughest opponents- the Lamphere Rams, in an intense match that lasted 5 games. Both teams came into the game undefeated, so there was a lot of pressure to maintain their perfect records. Fortunately, the Titans emerged victorious moving their record to 3-0. This win came as big relief for the girls, since last year’s only loss was to the Rams.

The first match they started off a little rocky and lost 19-25. “We got in this rut where no one was communicating or moving fast enough on the court.” One of the varsity captains, Emily Pauling ’12 said.

Morale was restored with the 2nd match. Although games normally go up to 25, the winning team has to win by two points, which the girls didn’t achieve until they reached a score of 28-26. “In the second game we pushed ourselves so that they didn’t get into our head.” Pauling declared.

By the 3rd match the team picked up the pace, and won with a score of 25-18. Vicki Guzowski ’13, contributed to the success in the third game with a total of 18 points while serving, 6 of them being aces (a serve that is not returned back over the net).

The 4th match ended in another loss for the girls, losing 21-25. At this point, both teams were tied with 2 wins each, which led to the 5th and final game.

After a winning score of 15-10 (a 5th game will only go up to 15), the Titans were exhausted by one of the toughest games they’ve had to face. “We were tired and down [during] the 5th game, but we picked ourselves back up.” Emily stated. Gabby Wilson ’12 had 5 kills in the 5th match, and finished the game with 11 kills total.

At the end of the game, the girls had a total of 35 kills, 10 aces, 62 digs, and 9 blocks.

Their next game is on September 27th 6pm @ home vs. South Lake.