Titans of the Week 5/7


The students that follow have shown exemplary behavior that goes above and beyond what was expected of them and, by doing so,  have made the Warren Woods Tower community a brighter and better place. Each of these Titan’s of the Week received a Titan Ticket for their efforts which gives them a chance to win fabulous prizes in a weekly drawing.

Tyler Vargo

Nominated by: Mrs. James

“Tyler is a pleasure to have in my Algebra class. He always takes on math assignments as if they were “math challenges” not like they are “math problems”. Tyler’s positive attitude should be a model for others to follow. Keep up the good work and thank you for making our class “shine.””


Adam Peterson

Nominated by: Mr. Rohloff and Ms. Conley

“Adam deserves to be Titan of the Week because he volunteers after school to help coach the middle school swim team. Adam takes time out of his day to work with the swimmers and attend each competition.”

“Organized the swim team to work the Special Olympics.”


Semira Sabanovic

Nominated by: Mr. Dougherty

“Semira is a student that might get overlooked for recognition because, even though she always volunteers information when asked, she doesn’t complain, or speak out often. She’s the not-squeaky wheel. She comes to class on time, every day, and works hard. It’s this work ethic and dedication to her studies that has led to her having the highest average in the class. Sometimes, even though they may not want it, the non-squeaky wheel deserves some praise and attention too.”


Melissa Nichols

Nominated by: Mr. Correll

“Melissa has gone above and beyond to help teach and encourage her classmates over the last week. As a team leader she is doing a great job keeping her teammates motivated while having fun. Thanks for your hard work Melissa!”


Caelan Hill

Nominated by: Ms. Sunde

“Caelan is a great kid. Always so happy and ready to learn. I am so happy he is back!”



Lindy (Elise) Pastrick

Nominated by: Ms. Szubelak

“Lindy has been working hard lately as proof by her recent quiz grade of 100%!!! She was the only student out of almost 100 students to earn 100%. Great job Lindy!!”



Jesse Sparkman

Nominated by: Ms. Tunesi

“Jesse did have a good week. He was on time to my class and said thank-you. He has worked hard on assignments and was cooperative with my sub this week.”



Shannon Mullins

Nominated by: Mrs. Jennings

“A true Titan in every way helpful, respectful, and industrious.”



Angela Badro

Nominated by: Mr. Beal

“She has been working very hard in class. Also, she has been helping other students.”



Amber Bierkamp

Nominated by: Mrs. Amstutz

“Amber is a peer tutor in one of my classes. She works great with the students! She has a calming personality and is willing to help anyone with any subject.”



Patrick Lewis

Nominated by: Mrs. Amstutz, Ms. Paglia, and Mr. Halicki

“Science teachers report that he is doing very well. He comes to class prepared and helps other students.”

“Patrick Lewis has made great strides in science. Not only has he improved his own academic effort but he is also helping his fellow classmates. I’m very proud of the changes he’s made in science.”

“Improved his work habits, attitude, and has been a help to others lately.”

Mrs. Flanigan

Nominated by: Mrs. Winstanley

“She inspires wonderful work from her students and does so much to beautify our school.”