Sam Raimondo , Staff Reporter

It’s coming back!! Titan Time will be back soon but when? Well, Titan Time will start after Holiday Break on January 9th during 3rd Hour from 10:20 – 10:40. Titan Time will have a set schedule 3 days a week on Mondays, Wednesdays, and Fridays for 20 minutes! Administration added an extra day hoping to improve student learning here at WWT.

On Mondays it will alternate between 3rd and 6th hour, on Wednesdays it will run 1st or 4th, and on Fridays, 2nd or 5th hour. Titan Time never ran during 4th hour due to lunches, but now it will. It will only be on Early Release Wednesdays though.

Another major difference in this new incarnation of Titan Time is who can leave and who must stay in class. In order to leave class, students have to have a 90% percent or higher. Students earning between a 70 – 89% must stay in class and use the 20 minutes as a study hall. During this study hall time, students can focus on any work they have to complete – not just the work for that particular class. Like always though, if you have anything lower then a 69% you must stay in class and work with the teacher.

Many students enjoy Titan Time, it gives them many opportunities and some free time as well. Students do homework, can eat a snack or two really quick, relax with friends, go talk to teachers if they need extra help, and so much more! “I was able to use the time given to get my homework done. I was able to relax and hangout too before having to go back to class,” Trevor Ajini ’17 said.

Some teachers were not a big fan of Titan Time because students would roam the halls, scream, and waste educational time. However, many teachers are optimistic about Titan Time now due to the changes. “I like it regardless of your grade, there’s always things to do instead of roaming the halls,” said Mr. Julien.

Students in the highest grade bracket must either go to the commons, lunch room, or library during Titan Time. If they do not want to go to any of those three options, they will simply stay in class. Titan Time is supposed to improve students and not cause failure.

Mr. Mackenzie feels this new version of Titan Time will benefit students. He says they also might make changes during the semester if something isn’t working with this new proposed version of the program. Mackenzie plans to check in the spring to see if Titan Time has improved by giving staff and students a survey.