Marissa Rankin, Editor

What may be new to many besides upperclassmen, titan tickets are making a return to promote good behavior throughout WWT. Social studies teacher, Mrs. Walczy decided to bring back this incentive in hopes of rewarding good behavior throughout the building.  “It highlights the good behavior and gives us a chance to reward that as opposed to thinking negatively,”  Mrs.Walczy exclaims on the topic of reviving this incentive.

In past years, titan tickets have been a success but for those who may view this as a modern idea, teachers are capable of rewarding students who enhance the true meaning of this slip of paper which encourages making good decisions throughout the school.

Those who earn these tickets are left to fill it out and walk it down to the front office or in some cases, return it back to the teacher who rewarded them, for the opportunity to have their name in the weekly drawing; a blue box that collects it all hides in the front office behind the secretaries.

All tickets that are collected are distributed towards the drawing that is called every Friday. There is a wide variety of incentives these tickets provide; in most recent drawings students have acquired gift cards, water bottles, and candy.

You have many weeks fulfilled with opportunity as teachers are looking for positive behavior in the classroom that goes beyond expectations! Teachers want to see you practice these good behaviors in order to be rewarded. Students that have an all around positive influence on other titans have been recognized throughout the halls of WWT; security guards like to recognize good behavior as well and hand out these tickets.

Many teachers have noted that this is a good incentive to do in class, up to a little over one hundred tickets are rewarded per week! Continue the good behavior titans!